Dear Mitpalelim and distinguished synagogue members,

Below you will see a table with the prayer schedule for the central orthodox synagogue in Berlin. The prayer times listed are the time of start of the Tefila. Please refer to those times only and disregard the time span (end time) of each schedule item listing as durations may vary.

We update our prayers schedule every month in advance according to the corresponding Jewish month of the year. Weeks for which the corresponsing Shabbat Parasha is listed are updated with current times. Later weeks which do not yet have the Parasha listed (on Friday and Shabbat) are yet to be updated with current times.

There are daily Prayers in the morning (Shacharit) and evening (Mincha and Maariv) as well as Every Shabbat and Yamim Tovim. There also Shiurim as part of the prayers. For example every evening between Mincha and maariv there is a Shiur with Rabbi Ehrenberg as well as on Shabbat morning before Shacharit. Please refer to our Shiurim Schedule for further information.

Shabbat schedule at summer time: Please note that due to quite late sunsets, during the summer months we receive the Shabbat early and start Mincha and Kabalat Shabbat at 19:30. Following the Erev Shabbat prayers we have Kiddush and Meals. If you’d like to join please contact us to make a reservation in advance.

Shacharit on weekdays Mo-Fr are at 07:30, except for Sundays, on which we start half an hour later at 08:00 am. Please also note that in winter time in January we have a period during which Shacharit on all weekdays start at 08:00 am. Just make sure to refer to the schedule below where you will find the current times.

* During summer time we receive Shabbat earlier than actual sunset, at 19:45.